Sound Off Solutions

SoundOff Solutions provides custom on-hold messaging with license-free music and professional advertisement. Custom on-hold messaging can inform your customers of all your products and services while they wait.

Professional Voice Over

custom on-hold messaging


SoundOff Solutions will provide your business with a personal touch, increase your product awareness, sales revenue and enhance your company’s image.

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Professional Voice Over With Background Music to emphasize YOUR Brand and YOUR Products


Our Talent is Professional and cares about your business, while having a voice that people WANT to hear

Low Cost Customized Packages

Take your On-Hold Messaging to New Heights. With Custom On Hold Messaging, keep your customers on the line longer, resulting in more profits and sales…

Sound Off Solutions

Glenn Hettinger

Professional Voice Over

We seek out the best talent that have been proven in their field of expertise

Affordable Mp3 Player

We use top of the line MP3 players at an affordable price

Customized packages

Our low cost packages can be customized to suit your needs

  • Individual Package
  • Multiple Voice Package
  • On-Hold Player With Individual Voice Package
  • On-Hold Player With Multiple Voice Package
  • Custom Packages to Meet Individual Business