Sound Off Solutions


With a strong pool of Talent, you are sure to find a voice that will Brand your On-Hold Voiceover messages. Please take the time to go through and learn about our Talent and listen to their samples, you’ll be glad you did!

Female Talent

Lisa Williams

Lisa is an expressive voice talent with over 4 years of experience with radio commercials and auto attendant messaging. She was a theater and fine arts major at the Ohio State University. She intuitively understands the need to produce a project that accomplishes YOUR goals. Whether you’re looking for a youthful and upbeat or smooth and peaceful sound, Lisa delivers with the reassurance and playfully smart talent that her clients trust and every listener loves.

  1. SOS Web Sample Lisa Williams 0:23

Ellen Dowell

  1. SOS Web Sample Ellen Dowell 0:28

Barbara Quesada

Barbara’s conversational, believable, friendly and knowledgeable sound really brings words to life. She can deliver a variety of styles, from professional and serious to a friendly, laid-back Millennial sound to that helpful girl-next-door and more!

  1. SOS Short Clip 8-23-18 Barbara Quesada 0:22

Mallory Handford

Mallory Handford is an experienced voice talent with a voiceover style that has been described as conversational, bright, and friendly.

  1. SOS Short Clip 8-23-18 Mallory Handford 0:24

Julie Kaylin

Julie Kaylin is a full-time voice artist who is passionate about using her talents to help make your projects shine, and her voice is trusted by major brands and has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

  1. SOS Short Clip 8-23-18 Julie Kaylin 0:29

Male Talent

Bob Worthington

  1. SOS with A Little Jazzy Bob Worthington 0:37

Mike Warner

  1. Lite Breese Mike Warner 0:34